Suite Living

Smart roofs over smart heads


Get Productive. Re-create your comfort zone in our spacious study areas.


Ultra modern gym with the latest facilities and more.


Access to unlimited Internet Connectivity throughout the residence

support team

On-site support team to help with everyday needs and challenges

shopping mart

A one stop shop for your groceries while on-the-go.

24/7 security

No compromise when it comes to security. Safety is one of our top priorities.


Ghana, Kenya, Singapore, Spain & United Kingdom


Accra, Nairobi, Madrid, Plymouth, Manchester, Nottingham, London etc.

Resident Students

A diverse range of students from over 56 nationalities

Colleges & Universities

University of Ghana, University of Professional Studies, University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Ashesi University etc.

Simple. Affordable. Convenient. Sustainable.

Experience a hassle-free and modern facilities at affordable cost.

We Work With Your Budget

Suite Living Offers students not just a building but a community with various experiences, at a price with the student in mind.

Sound mind and body

our sports and recreational facilities, including gyms and sport arenas are built with international standards.


With projects across Ghana, Kenya and the UK, Suite Living is rapidly expanding globally, providing students with a secure study environment and socially friendly home. We ensure that all of our buildings are either on campus or in very close proximity to universities. The safety of our residents is of paramount concern


Ghana Residence


Kenya Residence


U.K. Residence




“The facilities are amazing and the best part about all this is the convenience. Before suite living I spent several months meeting agents to no avail it was a waste of time and money with many disappointments. Most of the places i found were not student friendly. I’m glad I found suite living” David Addo

Ghana Residence

“As a parent, our primary concern for our daughter was her safety and security in the accommodation. Suite Living offers a modern and secure environment at affordable prices.” Jessica Bowen

Happy Parent

International Standards

As part of our ongoing provision of better student accommodation and education-centred communities, Suite Living has taken a bold step to provide students with a high quality international standard of living. Focused on building a mix of dedicated study spaces, sports, gymnasiums, leisure, communal and recreational spaces.

Helping universities meet the aspirational requirements of potential students and parents
We providing facilities that enhance the student experience
We put the students’ needs at the heart of everything we do
Building the most innovative learning and living environments in education created to inspire the people who use them
Delivering effective turn key of facilities with exceptional building management
Constructing sustainable and affordable student accommodation buildings & Delivering a lasting legacy to benefit future as well as current generations

be part of the community